Best Pocket Watches in Singapore

Those who love traditional and timeless timepieces should not miss out on Singapore’s most fantastic pocket watches. With its practical and fashionable ability, it’s far from a throwback piece of clothing.

A pocket watch exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance in gentlemanly style. You may effortlessly wow other guests at dinner parties if you wear a fashionable look fastened to the inside pocket of your suit.

Pocket watches, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly rare, and because of this, finding new collections might be a challenge.

Even so, don’t give up hope — we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the top pocket watches in Singapore that are both stylish and durable.


1. ZIIIRO Titan Chrome

Image Credit – ZIIIRO Watches

In contrast to traditional pocket watches, the ZIIIRO Z0009PWS Titan Chrome boasts a digital movement display that provides a sleek and contemporary appeal.

The LED display features an outside ring that shows the hours and an inner circle that shows the minute parts. It’s battery-powered, so there’s no need to wind this Singapore’s most refined pocket watch regularly.

It has a lightweight aluminum casing so that you can take it with you on outdoor adventures. Please attach it to your belt or pants with the help of its long coiled band.

Price: 288$


2. Bulova Diver Travel Clock

Image Credit –

The Bulova Diver Clock’s design is based on the brand’s signature marine star line. It’s built to last, thanks to its high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

With a polished silver finish on the metal case, this timepiece offers a basic yet refined appearance. There are no distortions or magnetism in the entire construction, and it’s stress and scratch-resistant as well.

You can read the time even at night thanks to features like an electronic beep alarm and luminous hands/markers, making it one of Singapore’s most popular pocket watches.

A unique feature of this watch is that the inner bezel ring rotates independently of the outer one, allowing you to view the amount of time that has passed.

Price: 55.53$


3. Gotham Men’s Ultra-Thin Railroad

Image Credit – Ubuy

Get the Gotham Men’s Silver-Tone Ultra-Thin RailRoad if you want the most extraordinary pocket watch for daily usage in Singapore! With an open-face design and an extra-thin polished brass casing, you’ll be able to personalize it with an engraving.

This pocket watch features a brilliant white dial with a railroad-style, detailed 24-hour inner track and antique-style hands.

Price: 63.13$


4. Dakota Gunmetal Mini Clip Microlight Watch

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Dakota Gunmetal Mini Clip Microlight Watch is a requirement for a sporty-looking pocket watch! At night, you’ll like this watch’s LED light, which can be clipped onto your wrist.

The gunmetal alloy casing of this sturdy yet lightweight watch is resistant to corrosion and can handle daily wear and tear. It has luminous hands and markers for nighttime reading.

If you’re looking for a sports-themed pocket watch in Singapore, this is it. A built-in carabiner makes it simple to connect to your belt or trouser loops.

Price: 107.19$


5. Spovan Digital Pocket Watch

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It’s a contemporary watch with a digital display. If you take one look at its stainless steel and shockproof construction, you’ll know that it was primarily designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

As a result of its water-resistant design, you may go for a swim or dive to depths of up to 100 feet without fear of internal damage.

Additionally, it can record and monitor up to six different locations so that you may keep the ideal camping, hiking, or fishing areas for future reference.

The altimeter, barometer, and thermometer are just a few of its many valuable features. As a result of its revolutionary features, it has been hailed as Singapore’s best pocket watch.

Price: 140.66$


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