Best Waxing Parlors In Singapore

best waxing parlors in Singapore

Have you ever tried getting waxed before? Waxing is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair in sensitive areas. It’s also the most affordable option when it comes to removing hair for women with sensitive skin. There are plenty of waxing parlors in Singapore, so where should you go? If you are looking for a place to get your waxing done, this blog post will give you the inside scoop on some of the best places in Singapore.


Blush wax
Credit: blushwaxphilosophy

Blush professionals have up to ten years of expertise and will provide you with the highest quality waxing at unbeatable costs!


Brazilian waxing at a low price without sacrificing service: Because this is a low-key salon, costs for frequent waxing appointments are pretty reasonable. For just $48, you can enjoy a complete Brazilian waxing. Are you looking for something a little less intense? Waxing of the bikini area costs just $20. Their other waxing procedures are reasonably priced, too, with underarm wax, for example, costing only $12 to $15.

Promotional deals in a package: With these incredible deals, you can get discounts, two for the price of one and more deals. Waxing your whole legs, full arms, and underarms costs $85. Do you want to throw a Brazilian into the mix? The pricing is impressive at $130 for a complete leg, arm, underarm, and bikini.

A warm, inviting environment in a charming setting: Once you’ve found this hidden gem, you’ll notice that it has a homey feel about it that will put you at rest. While they walk you through the procedure, sip on a freshly prepared cup of tea. To provide a feminine touch, pastel-coloured walls and beautiful flower arrangements decorate the halls, rooms, and reception area.

Distracting yourself from the pain: While an expert therapist takes care of your lady-parts, you may watch a programme on the wide tv screen. You’ll be done with your session in no time!



Credit: gowabi

This delicate waxing salon will wax the ins and outs of your whole body, with a focus on your intimate areas! There are two Honeypot Wax Boutique locations to select from.


A feminine salon: This very feminine salon has a pink and black feminine feel that is ideal for a ladies’ day out. The big parlour is decorated in a pink and black colour pattern with comfortable seats and a contemporary reception area. While you’re waiting for your waxing appointment, grab a magazine.

Brazilian waxing is available in a variety of seductive styles and prices: There are six distinct designs to select from, ranging from the basic Brazilian bikini ($28) to L’Amour ($68). At the very least, try one to see how Brazilian waxing can be an artform.

To calm that sensitive skin, use these exclusive after-care products: The salon sells a range of their own after-care products to suit different skin types and objectives. To decrease the danger of skin irritation, these high-quality products are manufactured with natural components. To soothe waxed regions and soften the skin, try the minty Aloe jello.



Credit: pinkparlour

At Pink Parlour, an award-winning pink beauty salon, hygiene isn’t a joke! To guarantee that your experience is as clean and germ-free as possible, the salon maintains stringent standards. After each client, the equipment is thoroughly cleaned, and each customer is given a clean towels. To avoid contamination of the waxing pots, they maintain a rigorous no-double-dipping policy.


Decorated in a glam-chic style and set in a well-kept environment: Want to pretend you’re a princess for an hour or two? The sparkle and elegance of Pink Parlour’s décor will make you feel like royalty! Enter this vibrant hot-pink haven, complete with vintage-style mirror frames, zebra-pattern seats, and neon details. The wax is even pink!

Convenient places for a quick waxing session: Four of the six Pink Parlour facilities are conveniently placed in Singapore’s major areas. Do you live in the West? For a convenient waxing session, go to the Jurong Point venue. Book at the Tampines branch for those on the Eastside. MRT stations are within walking distance of these two neighbourhood branches.

To reserve your waxing appointment, use this simple booking system: Booking with Pink Parlour is a piece of cake! In a matter of seconds, you may reserve a seat by phone, Whatsapp, SMS, or their website.



Strip wax parlour singapore
Credit: strip

Strip is no stranger to the waxing industry, as it has 15 outlets in Singapore. Strip was founded by Cynthia Chua in 2002 and has grown to 11 nations quicker than its hot wax competitors. No matter where you travel, from New York to Hong Kong and Singapore, you will get the same speed and quality that they guarantee.


With 15 locations, there’s a waxing salon for everyone: It’s difficult to miss one of the 15 sites in Singapore alone! Indulge in a beauty session between shopping trips at the Wheelock Place, Great World City, Mandarin Gallery, Paragon, Plaza Singapura, and Vivocity areas.

Outlets that are colourful, with regular bargains and unique products: Strip outlets are all decked up in one-of-a-kind, brightly coloured furnishings for an energetic, upscale experience you won’t forget. To grab the most excellent prices, stay up to date on their special offerings. Strip also has a line of popular post-wax care products that are made using proprietary formulas.

Superior customer service backed by a rigorous HSQ protocol: Strip goes to great measures to guarantee that your cleanliness is of the utmost importance. You’ll be given a sealed waxing kit when you check-in, which your therapist will use throughout your treatment. Gloves, an antiseptic wipe, and waxing spatulas are included. Waxperts also follow the HSQ code (Hygiene, Speed, and Quality) to guarantee that each treatment is of the highest quality possible.



Credit: Cecilia Westberry

This business is one of Singapore’s busiest waxing salons. Cecilia’s excellent services and pricing have garnered a significant client base, despite the fact that it competes with well-known establishments such as Strip and Honeypot.


Waxing service of professional quality with budget-friendly options: Cecilia offers the quickest waxing in Singapore, with over 25 years of expertise! Watch as the highly-trained therapist rips the hair out of your face before you can squeal. Most importantly, their rates are pretty reasonable. With a complete Brazilian for just $48, you’ll become a regular without breaking the budget. Quick, low-cost, and professional service. What more could a girl ask for?

This elegant salon welcomes you into its modern, clean white-themed surroundings with its sleek and minimalist décor for a classy ambience. This immaculately kept salon is highly sanitary.

Home waxing service: Do you have a big occasion coming up and don’t have time to attend all of your beauty appointments? It’s no issue! In less than 30 minutes, Cecilia will be in and out of your home, leaving you hair-free and ready to go!

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