Best Online Durian Delivery Services in Singapore

Although durians have a robust unpleasant scent, the sweet custard flavor is irresistible to southeast Asians. We’ve compiled a list of the finest durian delivery services in Singapore to help you quench your desires now that it’s the right time of year to enjoy this soft, creamy delight.

It is well-known in Southeast Asia as the “King of Fruits,” and for a good reason: Durians are tasty and extremely healthy. They’re loaded with nutrients and fiber. They’re also a great nutritious snack option for children.

There are numerous reliable durian delivery services in Singapore where you can order it and have it delivered right to your home.


1. 211 House of Durian

Image Credit: 211-Durian

Durians of the highest quality can be found here, and thanks to their reliable durian delivery service, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home in Singapore to get your hands on some. When the durian season ends, 211 House of Durian generally offers durian banquets, so be sure to go when it’s still available!
Contact+65 9108 3710
Delivery charge$10
Delivery hoursDepending on availability


2. 227 Katong Durian

Image Credit: jasmreflections

227 Katong Durian has evolved from a hawker stand to a full-time business selling durians. Durians such as Red Prawn, Mao Shan Wang, and D1 are available, but their Singapore durian delivery service is well-known for stocking up on D13s.
Contact+65 8318 9924
Delivery charge$10 for next-day delivery
$12 for same-day delivery
Delivery hours2pm – 10.30pm
Order cut-off time of 7 pm


3. Directdurain

Image Credit: Direct-Durian

Have you ever had a craving for durian and were unable to satisfy it? You may have found yourself driving around town or waiting in line at the store. If so, then Directdurian is the website for you! This online service offers high-quality durian with affordable prices and quick delivery times. All of their durians are fresh, ripe, and ready to eat. They offer all varieties of durian that people love, including Black Gold Durian, XO Durian, Musang King Durian, etc.

The delivery service from Directdurian is fast and reliable. They typically deliver within an hour with premium packaging that maintains the quality of the durian. I recommend this service to anyone who is craving durian.

4. 99 Old Trees Durian

Image Credit: TripAdvisor

Enjoy delicious durians delivered to your door by 99 Old Trees Durian throughout the durian season. You can also purchase their official goods, such as t-shirts and cooler bags if you follow them on social media since they frequently share photographs of their squad.

Contact+65 9822 2495
Delivery charge$6.90 (Free delivery for orders over $100)
Delivery hours3 pm – 10 pm


5. Ah Lian Durian


Image Credit: Ah-Lian-Sg 

You can get the best and the most inexpensive durian in Singapore from Ah Lian Durian’s durian delivery service, which operates all across the island. Their selection of premium durian is extensive, and if you hurry, you may be able to take advantage of one of their particular package discounts.
Contact+65 9239 7001
Delivery charge$8 (Free delivery when you purchase more than three boxes)
Delivery hours7 pm – 9 pm


6. Durian Delivery

Image Credit : AsiaOne

This highly rated durian delivery service can bring luscious durians to your home in as little as 60 minutes. Fresh Durians, Vacuum Packed Durians (Freshly Frozen), and more Durian Baked Goods are available through Durian Delivery, so there’s something for everyone.

Delivery Charge$9.70 for same-day delivery
$13.70 for express delivery
Free delivery for orders above $100
Delivery Hours10 am – Midnight


7. The Durian Story

Image Credit: SGMYTRIPS

The Durian Story was established in 2017 by Jonathan to provide the highest quality durians to Singaporeans. With their durian delivery service, you may get a fresh batch of this exotic fruit and satiate your durian cravings.

Contact+65 8797 6699
Delivery charge$10
Delivery hours7 pm – 10 pm

8. The Durian Times

Image Credit: Entree Kibbles – Blogger

Local celebrities and influencers like Ben Yeo, Zoe Tay, and Cynthia Koh swear by this specific durian delivery service. It’s so cherished that it appears in the majority of Instagram story highlights. Shu Kong and Dream Lover are two rare kinds found only at The Durian Times, which offers a wide variety of durians.

Contact+65 9785 1068
Delivery charge$10
Delivery hoursDepending on availability


9. Mr. Durian

Image Credit : 8 Days

When you order from Mr. Durian, you’ll get fresh, delicious durians at a great price. Durian delivery is accessible for Singaporeans since all you need is a Google Form to make orders, and then durians will be ready for you when you get home.

Contact+65 8284 3222
Delivery charge$10 (Free delivery for orders above $160)
Delivery hours5 pm onwards


10. WTF Durian

Image Credit: sg-linkedin

Durian types like D13s and Mao Shan Wang can be enjoyed with Wow That’s Fresh or WTF Durian. Also included with every order is a pair of disposable gloves for your protection and convenience.
Those who don’t consume durian may still partake in the festivities since they provide a variety of seasonal exotic fruits.

Contact+65 8821 6216
Delivery charge$10 (Free delivery for orders above 6kg)
Delivery hoursDepending on availability


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