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Best Japanese Food Singapore – Try the amazing Japanese food of Singapore.

Best10Singapore recommends Japanese food in Singapore. Check out the top 10 best Japanese restaurants to eat dine in. Japanese food reviews in Singapore.

Singapore is the best place for food. There is no doubt in saying that the people of Singapore live through food. You cannot fall short of options in Singapore if you are a foodie. Singapore is a blend of influences from various other countries, this blend has resulted in varieties of cuisine. Japanese food is a famous cuisine in city-state. Japanese food is one of the most favourite cuisine among the people of Singapore. Therefore, we present an article to you listing the best Japanese food in Singapore.

So, in order to help you choose the best Japanese food or Japanese restaurants in Singapore we present an article for you. We have compiled a list of the “Best Japanese Food Singapore.”


Best Japanese Food Singapore

  1. Hamachi Carpaccio by Chi Kinjo

 LOCATION29 Stanley St, Singapore 068738
 CONTACT NUMBER+65 6260 5284
 PRICE S$16.

The Chi Kinjo is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Chi Kinjo is known for its innovative dishes and taste. The restaurant offers you dishes with a combination of classic and modern taste. The Hamachi Carpaccio is an elegant dish and is beautifully plated. The dish features thinly-sliced yellowtail sashimi, sprinkled with finely chopped truffles and topped off with a spoonful of ikura pearls.

The Hamachi Carpaccio ranks 1st in our article, Best Japanese Food Singapore, as the dish not only looks beautiful but also is amazing in taste. Also, Chi Kinjo is a cozy and comfortable dining restaurant loved by the people.


  • The Chi Kinjo restaurant also offers a basement bar that offers a wide variety of beverages.
  • Chi Kinjo’s Hamachi Carpaccio is one of the best dishes served at the restaurant.
  • Hamachi Carpaccio is an elegant and tasty dish that is a simple and delicious way to start the meal.


All the customers of Chi Kinjo have highly rated all dishes and the restaurant. Customers have appreciated the services of the restaurant. The restaurant has an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

Nice space and great decor and friendly service. Enjoyed lunch to go from here so I have that experience only. But sat in the restaurant for a bit waiting for food and it seemed pleasant enough. Downstairs looks like it lights up at night which looks absolutely beautiful.”

2.Tamashii Restaurant 

RESTAURANT Tamashii Restaurant
 LOCATION2 North Canal Road #02-01 Singapore 048825
 CONTACT NUMBER+65 6222 0316
 PRICE Check the menu.

The Tamashii Restaurant is owned by Chef Patrick who is a chef for 14 years now. Tamashii is an authentic Japanese Restaurant that serves the most delicious Japanese dishes in Singapore. Patrick chose the name “Tamashii” for the restaurant as it is a Japanese word that means ‘soul’. Chef Patrick believes that food must satisfy the soul and not just the appetite.

Thus, The Tamashii Restaurant of Singapore is the on the 2nd position in our article, Best Japanese Food Singapore, as the restaurant offers various tasty dishes like the Kinki Fish, Saga Beef Donburi, Tereyaki Chicken, Gyuniku Tereyaki, etc.


  • The Tamashii Restaurant offers you Robatayaki that is the original traditional barbeque that is cooked in front of the customers and served them then and there.
  • The Tamashii Restaurant offers you the best authentic Japanese dishes and the most amazing Robataya in the city-state.
  • Tamashii is owned by Chef Patrick who has an experience of 14 years of cooking now.


The Tamashii Restaurant’s guests have loved the taste of the dishes. They have appreciated how the Robataya is served by the staff. The restaurant has an overall rating of 4.2 stars on Google.

Always an amazing experience at Tamashii. The food is out of this world – incredible quality, innovative dishes, high grade ingredients. The restaurant is beautifully designed (I recommend sitting at the counter to watch the magic happen). Last but not least, the service is simply top notch. Exceptional value given the high quality of the food and service.”



3. Shashimi Platter by Keyaki Japanese Restaurant

RESTAURANT Keyaki Restaurant by Pan Pacific Singapore
 LOCATION7 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039595
 CONTACT NUMBER+65 6826 8240

The Keyaki Restaurant by Pan Pacific Singapore is a Japanese restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant looks extremely beautiful, the beautiful setting of the restaurant is inspired by the the minka, or traditional Japanese house, to give you the feel of Japan. The Sashimi Platter contains five various dishes and offers you the best tuna sashimi.

The Sashimi Platter by Keyaki Japanese Restaurant is on the 3rd position in the article, Best Japanese Food Singapore, it is amazing Japanese platter that is served by one of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore that not only offers you tasty dishes but also an amazing environment.


  • The Keyaki Restaurant is an authentic Japanese restaurant that offers you a great variety of Japanese dishes.
  • The Sashimi Platter is a great Japanese platter is you a fan of anything raw as the platter contains incredible fresh tuna sashimi.
  • The restaurant has a look of a traditional Japanese house which makes you feel like you are in Japan while eating your favourite Japanese dish.


The guests have appreciated the food and the look of the restaurant. The restaurant has an overall rating of 3.9 stars out of 5.

“The service was superlative, the food was of high standards, and the ambience, especially the Japanese garden outside is a must-see. The weekend brunch is relatively good value too. A big shout out to our waiter who overheard that it’s my son’s birthday and arranged a cake! What a surprise. Just a lovely experience overall.”


4. Hokkaido Marche

RESTAURANT Hokkaido Marche
 LOCATION181 Orchard Road, #B2-11 to 29, 44 to 28 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
 CONTACT NUMBER+65 6509 8541
 PRICE Check the menu.

The Hokkaido Marche of Singapore is a top rated Japanese restaurant located on Orchard Road, Singapore. Hokkaido Marche offers you fresh food in a very less time, they deliver food very quickly, which is the best part about the restaurant. Hokkaido Marche not only offers you tasty dishes but also a relaxing space to enjoy your meal as well.

The Hokkaido Marche Singapore has earned the 4th position in our article, Best Japanese Food Singapore, as the restaurant offers the best Japanese dishes in Singapore like sashimi bowls, katsu curry, Hokkaido pork bowls, soba noodles, sushi and, of course, delicious ramen, etc.


  • The Hokkaido Marche offers you authentic ad tasty Japanese dishes at a reasonable price.
  • The restaurant also offers a great environment and friendly staff and professional chefs.


The Hokkaido Marche has great reviews and an overall rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. Guests have highly appreciated the services of the restaurant.

My go-to place for cheap and good tonkatsu set. Quality and taste can totally compete with bigger brands restaurant that also serve tonkatsu. Love the bunch of salad and the sauce,makes eating the tonkatsu less sinful cause of the large amount of veggies that comes with it, lol. Best is there is no GST and service charge.”

5. Rice Bowls at Chirashi King Kong

RESTAURANT Chirashi King Kong
LOCATION#02-06 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Blk 1, Singapore 082001
 OFFICIAL WEBSITENo official website
 CONTACT NUMBER+65 8551 1544
 PRICE Check the menu.

The Chirashi King Kong is a new hipster joint that serves delicious Japanese rice bowls. A creative fusion of earthy aromatic truffle rice, topped with fresh ingredients, we strive to serve premium food at affordable prices. The Salmon Mentaiko Rice Bowl (the dish in the picture above) features a slice of salmon with mentaiko sauce and truffle rice. The Salmon Mentaiko Rice Bowl is one of the most famous rice bowl at the Chrashi King Kong.

Thus, the Chirashi King Kong is ranked 5th in our list of article, Best Japanese Food Singapore, as it offers you the best ever truffle infused rice bowls in Singapore.


  • The Chirashi King Kong offer the best truffle infused rice bowls.
  • The dishes offered by them have a balanced flavorful ingredients that makes the people the dishes.



The Chirashi King Kong has amazing reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 by its customers.

Rice bowls are reasonably priced for value, the fish slices are fresh, nicely presented. This place is good if you don’t want too many variety to choose from. Can be difficult to find outdoor seating at peak periods and indoor bar counter may be off-putting for some people. Average wait for food is only 5 to 8 minutes. Highly recommended!”



Singapore is a place for foodies and if you love Japanese food, there are hundreds of restaurants that serves Japanese food. But, if you are looking for the best and authentic Japanese food to eat you must choose the best restaurant. Above is our article, Best Japanese Food Singapore that lists down not only the amazing and the top Japanese restaurants but also the best Japanese dishes that one must try. Therefore, our article will help you choose the best Japanese restaurant and will also help you know about the tastiest Japanese food in Singapore.

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