Best Hair Straighteners in Singapore

Are you getting ready for a big occasion or a romantic rendezvous? Alternatively, you may wish to experiment with a different haircut. There’s no limit to what you’re capable of doing with the most fantastic hair straightener in Singapore!

With the use of straighteners, you may obtain smooth and straight hair or (funny enough) give your hair some loose waves for a summery style! They also prevent your hair from getting tangled or frizzy during the day, which might spoil your outfit!

We’ve compiled a list of the top hair straighteners in Singapore so you can get salon-quality hairstyles at home.



Image credit: Top Credit Studio

The GHD Gold Styler can help you achieve whatever hairstyle you like, whether it’s beach waves, infinite curls, or everything in between! As a result of the device’s dual-zone heating system, virtually every hair type may use it.

For healthy and long-lasting results, it uses an appropriate styling temperature of 185 degrees. Even if you’re in a rush, you can still swiftly shape your hair into your preferred style using this tool.

A circular barrel and smooth floating plates provide you with frizz-free hairstyles with this hair straightening tool. Most significantly, it’s equipped with a heat-resistant plate shield and an automatic shutoff mechanism for your protection.

If you want to travel, this is one of the finest hair straighteners in Singapore to bring along because it has global voltage.

PRICE: 299$


2. Philips HP8372/03 Moisture Protect Hair Straightener


Image Credit: Philips

Use the Philips HP8372/03 Moisture Protect Hair Straightener to keep your hair’s natural moisture balance. The temperature may be adjusted to suit your hair’s needs thanks to sophisticated sensor technology.

Even heat distribution and fewer strokes may be achieved with this hair straightener in Singapore. Hair is protected from injury and breaking by floating ceramic plates that control the pressure applied to the hair.

It’s also infused with negative ions to keep your hair healthy even if you use a flat iron daily. Unlike the previous option, this one features temperature settings that may be adjusted to suit your hair type.

It has a 15-second heat-up time, so you may quickly style your hair in the morning if you’re in a hurry. It can help keep your hair from overheating by regulating the temperature.

PRICE: 117$


3. Philips BHS675 StraightCare Vivid Ends Straightener

Image credit – Lazada

Philips BHS675 StraightCare Vivid Ends Straightener protects hair from accidental breaking. Your hair will appear beautiful and healthy thanks to its SplitStop technology.

A unique sensor prevents your hair from being subjected to excessive heat and friction. A total of 11 digital temperature settings allow for precise heat management and damage avoidance.

Keratin, a vital component of healthy hair, is found in the ceramic coating on the plate. So, as you experiment with new hairstyles, you can also take care of your hair.

If you want to have a smooth and complete straight hairdo, this is the finest hair straightener in Singapore for you. While styling your hair, it features an excellent tip that you may grasp to add curls or waves.

PRICE: 78$


4. Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 SensoCare


Image Credit: Zanncreations

Precision sensors included in the ceramic plates of the Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 SensoCare maintain the moisture level high while also automatically adjusting the temperature to protect the hair from damage caused by overheating. The most attractive feature of this model is the intelligent display, which allows you to preserve customized stylistic configurations.

Individual profiles may be saved for many users with varying hair types. It can also inform you if your hair is dry enough and ready to style and provide you with comments on its condition.

It combines active curling edges and excellent tips for better control and easier styling so that you can get the perfect curls and waves every time. It also contains floating ceramic nanoglide plates, making it the most delicate hair straightener in Singapore for those who need their hair straightened quickly.

PRICE: 129$


5. Xiaomi YueLi Wireless Mini Hair Straightener

Image credit – TheSmartLocal

Look no farther than Singapore for the finest travel hair straightener. The Xiaomi YueLi Wireless Mini Hair Straightener is an absolute must-have!

High-capacity battery and superior heating technology for a long-lasting hairdo with this sleek, portable hair straightening tool. To avoid hair damage, you may also change the temperature.

It may be used as a backup power bank if your phone runs out of juice. There are no sharp edges or corners to scuff or scratch, making it dustproof and easy to clean.

Even more importantly, this is one of the best hair straighteners in Singapore because of its rounded shape.

PRICE: 32.90$

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