Best Coworking Spaces in Singapore

When starting a new business, a work-from-home setup may not be the most efficient alternative. In this circumstance, coworking spaces are the finest places to interact and work effectively.

Maintaining a work schedule and networking with others from a similar background are advantages of working in a coworking space. Many of these places also have necessary amenities like internet access, power supply stability, and more.

We’ve put together this list of Singapore’s most delicate coworking spaces for your convenience. For your convenience, we’ll provide you with the locations of these coworking spaces, as well as their rental costs.



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The Great Room’s top-notch and luxurious facilities, as well as its clean décor, will unquestionably improve your productivity. It has four distinct locations, all of which were created by hospitality designers to please your senses as well as your wallet.

Aside from its moniker, it’s a fantastic coworking place that caters to the requirements of everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a low-budget freelancer or a start-up entrepreneur, they have everything you need.

The Great Room is also a fan of hosting social events in its facilities. This implies that if you join their business club, you’ll have access to many networking possibilities that will help your career.


● The Great Room is well-known for its stunning decor, which will grab your attention right away and provide you with a serene environment to get work done.

● The company has four facilities in Singapore, all located in the city’s central commercial districts.

● All residents of The Great Room receive complimentary breakfast and coffee, and there is a well-stocked café where you may purchase meals of your choosing.

● The Great Room’s rental packages are adaptable and customized to meet your individual needs, ideas, and financial constraints.


● One-on-one space

● The desk is on the hot seat.

● A one-day ticket

● The business club


● Starting at $2,500 a month, you may rent a private office.

● Starting at $750 a month, you can have a hot desk.

● Starting at $70 a day, you can get a day pass.


● One George Street, Level 10, Singapore 049145

● 3 Temasek Ave, Level 17 and 18, Singapore 039190

● 391B Orchard Rd, Level 22, Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238874

● 328 North Bridge Road, #02-20, Raffles Hotel Arcade, Singapore 18871



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In your downtime, you indeed enjoy staring at the gorgeous Singaporean cityscape. If you’re worried about the environment in which you work, the Hive is the best option for you.

In Singapore, The Hive has many locations, making it easy to get to. In addition, they have private offices that are adequately equipped to enable high levels of productivity and creativity.

The rooftop of every The Hive location has a coffee station that will keep you going all day long. Even with all of this, The Hive maintains low rentals so that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.


● Depending on the type of work you do, you may choose from various workspaces at the Hive.

● The firm has many sites on the island, all of which have the same quality and amenities.

● The Hive offers a well-equipped coffee factory on the rooftop of each of its sites, which will become your favorite spot at work. What a surprise! Please take advantage of this opportunity!

● Workspaces at The Hive may be had for as little as $250 per month, including all of the necessary and luxurious amenities.


● Open plan office with a hot desk

● Office with a private workstation

● Virtual offices and social benefits


● Starting at $250 a month, you may rent a desk in a hot desk workplace.

● From $580 per month, you may get a dedicated desk in an office.

● Starting at $900 a month, a private office may be yours.


● The Hive Carpenter: 36 Carpenter Street, Singapore 059915

● The Hive Lavender, The Hive Studios: Level 6, 1 Kallang Junction, Singapore 339263



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When looking for a coworking space, many people want a tranquil place. Camelot Suits has meticulously planned every detail of its interior design and facilities to provide you with nothing but the best.

However, despite its small size, Camelot Suites provides a wide variety of services and networking possibilities. Facilities like 24-hour access, security, free coffee, and breakfast are just a few of the notable features.

All of Camelot Suites’ coworking and private office packages are available at the most inexpensive monthly rates. For freelancers, this may be the best option.


● In addition to being a coworking space, Camelot Suites has a small but varied community that provides excellent networking possibilities.

● The helpful personnel will answer all your questions and concerns at Camelot Suites.

● As a member of Camelot Suites, you will have access to your workstation 24 hours a day and all of the amenities you need.

● Hundreds of Singaporean freelancers have fallen in love with the firm because of its low monthly rates.


● Office with a private workstation

● The Dover branch

● Arthur’s work area

● Offices of Cadbury

● Office of the Earl of Bamburgh


● From $450 per month, you may get a dedicated desk in a business center.

● From $900 a month, you may rent a Dover office.

● $1,350 per month for Arthur’s office

● A month’s rent at Cadbury begins at $1,800.

● From $1,800 a month, you may rent a Bamburgh office.



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We offer The Working Capitol as an option for those searching for large coworking spaces with a restricted budget in mind. For this reason, they have the lowest monthly rents in Singapore of any comparable service.

No matter how affordable a service is, it doesn’t imply they’ll sacrifice quality. Instead, their offices and workstations are well-equipped with everything you’ll need to be productive throughout regular business hours.

If you’re looking for a place to start a business, you may choose from various customizable options that can expand with your company. Another perk of staying at their location is that it’s just a short walk from several restaurants and pubs.


● Unlike many other operators in Singapore, the Working Capitol provides a complete variety of services without putting a strain on your wallet.

● It’s possible to customize the company’s membership programs to meet your requirements.

● After a long day’s work, you may reward yourself with a night out at one of the area’s many renowned restaurants or pubs.

● Work will be enjoyable at The Working Capitol, and you’ll be able to celebrate your accomplishments with a complimentary drink.

● The corporation has put all required precautions in recent years to ensure that its facilities are pandemic-resistant.


● A place to work

● Office workstations

● Workspace


● Starting at $255 a month, you can get a Workspace office.

● There is a monthly fee of $729 for an office desk.

● Working space may be rented for as little as $900 per month.



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Entrepreneurs, ecosystem partners, and large corporations may all benefit from working with Level3. There’s an excellent chance that you’ll be able to expand your professional contacts with this method.

Rather than only housing creative partners, Level3 provides a holistic atmosphere for your professional development. To do this, they organize a variety of activities throughout the year.

You can join as an individual or as a business office, depending on your preferences. You may adjust the office space whenever you need it to suit your needs when it comes to planning.


● Level3 offers special reductions to small businesses to encourage innovation and growth.

● All members of Level3 have access to the workspace 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with complete security and all the essential services.

● To guarantee that your professional growth is maintained, they organize several networking events each year.

● The flexibility of membership levels allows you to tailor your work to your business’s requirements.


● Open plan office with a hot desk

● A private office with a desk

● Membership in a community


● From $400 per month, you may get a hot desk office.

● Starting at $650 a month, you may rent a private office with a desk.

● Membership in the community is $100 a month.


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