Best Yoga Classes Singapore

If you are needing a few me-time, a reprieve in the Earth, or maybe a new exercise regime, this might just be the post for you. Today, we’re taking a look at the studios with the very best yoga courses in Singapore.

Doing yoga exercises can help you attain better comprehension of your own nature and the mindfulness necessary for this. However, of course, different yoga courses may provide various experiences when working towards these things.

We took that into account when putting together this listing. At the end of the day, we discovered that these 10 studios offer you the very best yoga courses in Singapore by dint of being the best-instructed, best-situated, and best-managed.

Both yoga greenhorns and longtime practitioners should find courses to match them from the studios at the listing below.

1. Yoga Bar

BEST FOR: Classes are open for every level, except it stated.



ADDRESS: Far East Shopping Center, #16-01, 545 Orchard Road Singapore – 238882

CONTACT DETAILS: Mobile: (65) 87818254 | Email:


They offer an assortment of courses for those looking for an authentic yoga experience.

From Hatha to Chair Yoga, from slow pace to the optimistic motion — you will find what you need here. They also provide yoga and nature retreats for yoga fans.


Enables up to 15 persons per course

Safe and supportive community

Simple studio decoration (comfy and non-threatening)


This is a extremely common studio on the island since it will offer some of the greatest yoga courses in Singapore. Have a Look at this recommendation from an anonymous client online:

“Yogabar provide Hastha, which Dwi the direct instructor created the sequence. It’s combination of Hatha and Ashtanga, it begin with slow motion from Sun salutation and gradually the beat up to a breath one movement. Simple sequence with just a small amount of twist. Definitely make you sweat and challenge yourself from your comfort zone. Dwi is referred to as a no-nonse instructor, and very refreshing at the exact same time. ”

2. Yoga Inc

BEST FOR: Prenatal classes and special workshops






Despite its minimalist studio layout, Yoga Inc’s courses are dense and rich with yoga education. Throughout time, they have continuously and consistently provided training and classes for yoga fans on the island.

Their classes vary from ones on the all-important fundamentals to strong advanced sessions. They also have the necessary amenities like shower stalls and locker rooms.

The best thing about this studio is that the availability of practical packages and memberships! That means that you can join the ideal yoga courses in Singapore without spending a dollar more than necessary.


Straightforward yet retro-inspired layout

Spacious and comfortable zones

Feel-at-home ambience


Patrons agree that Yoga Inc has the most inviting teachers, a pleasant and trendy interior design for their assumptions, a motivational environment, and a fantastic choice of different kinds of classes. Their regular customers believe that makes the company a trusted fitness partner.

A reviewer from TallyPress expressed his ideas about the studio:

“Each of their studios are non-air-conditionednonetheless, it’s not to save money. In actuality, it costs more to prepare the ventilation system in their new outlets that doesn’t have nice big windows such as Guillemard. Honestly, Ashley believes it is much better to practice yoga without aircon. Yoga Inc. makes sure there’s comfortable space for everybody. They try not to max out their rooms by squeezing everybody in like sardines.

They have great full facilities (showers, mats, towels, water dispenser, lockers etc) so it is really convenient for members. There’s absolutely not any hard selling of packages and prices are transparent. On top of that, there’s absolutely not any long term commitment and hidden fees.”

3. Yoga+

BEST FOR: Vinyasa-based and Unlimited Class Bundles




CONTACT DETAILS: +65 9114 1639


If you would like to experience yoga about a whole’nother level, Yogais the perfect option for you. They research infinite possibilities for patterns and lifestyle habits which may be integrated into yoga.

Literature can also be a part of the instructional strategy, as they present books and artwork jams which will assist yogis gain a larger perspective.

Overall, they are great if you would like to incorporate yoga and its teachings into your life. It’s not tough to see why many individuals believe their offerings to be one of the very best yoga courses in Singapore.


Regular artwork jams and book clubs

Up to 15 students per course

Classes about societal consciousness


Satisfied customers can not help but return because of the consistently high-quality services and capacity to stimulate productivity and advancement. A reviewer from The Yoga Society Blog wrote this comments:

“Yogais one of the few studios in which I have bought package after package. I stock up whenever they have a sale because I know I will be back for certain.

Yoga+ supplies a wide assortment of classes from basics to advanced inversions. Yoga+ appears to attract a healthy and youthful crowd whose taste leans towards deeper inversion and stream classes. The”+” behind the name of this class indicates that this it’s an intermediate/advanced class.

I love the team always produce creative flows and adjustments, so every session is a different challenge but always amazing fun. Aside from the 3 founders, I truly like Fizzy’s courses and his ones are those that I regularly attend. Apart from Suffian, Kim is my favorite Invert teacher, because she runs the course workshop-style and does not tire us out before inverting.”

4. Art of Yoga

BEST FOR: Kids’ Yoga pass, experienced instructors



ADDRESS: 119, 121 Upper East Coast Road, #02-01 Singapore 455245

CONTACT DETAILS: +65 9863 9610

OPERATING HOURS: Monday to Friday 6:30am – 9:15pm / Saturday 7:30am – 5:00pm / Sunday 9:00am – 6:30pm 

Of all of the studios in this listing, Art of Yoga has maybe the most courses and pupils. That means it is easy to find what type type and program is ideal for you, as a result of the assortment of choices.

Apart from competent services, they also have a store that sells artisanal products from famous brands and a neighborhood cafe. To be kept updated about the latest events in the studio, they’ve got an app that can allow you to manage your bookings and bookings.

Here is a tip for those novices, by the way: you can reserve a trial session for just $10!


Retail store and neighborhood cafe

Safe and supportive community

Convenient place


Clients have praised the different kinds of courses, serene and cosy surroundings, adapting reception, useful product, and affordable trial sessions here. That’s why people also have been advocating the studio to their loved ones and friends.

Frances Gomez left this 5-star rated comments on Google Reviews:

“Well firstly, the spaces i.e. the studios, the small cafe, and the reception area are so fresh, relaxing and relaxing. I really like the fact that there’s free tea and that if people want the distinctive teas or bottled water there’s a pot for them to pay for it. Secondly, the wide variety of courses that target different needs; religious, physical or psychological/emotional. From various kinds of yoga to Qi Kong into Om breathing to Yamuna body rolling I believe I could get everything in 1 place? Most of all, the people. The secretary and the instructors are friendly, well informed, helpful and come across as real men and women. I will not be looking any further. I get a fantastic work out and leave feeling at peace with myself!”

5. Yoga Mala

BEST FOR: Mixture of old and new yoga practices



ADDRESS: 49A, Circular Road, Singapore 049404

CONTACT DETAILS: 468035031 , 84981649

OPERATING HOURS: Mon – Fri: 7am – 9pm / Sat: 8:30am – 3pm / Sun: 7am – 11am

Yoga Mala proves that conventional yoga education and sessions could be merged with the contemporary lifestyle. Out with the old and in with the new is not a choice for them, because they honor both present and past with the respect equally deserve.

This studio is well known for its yoga sessions that are excellent for beginners seeking to adjust to a different way of life. They also provide training and workshop events with retreats.


Various events and provides

Spiritual customs

Strong focus on breathing and meditation techniques


Most customers claimed they gained self-improvement, bodily and mental strength, and improved mindfulness after taking some courses from this studio.

“So pleased to find this kind of authentic yoga studio with real instructors that are always all smiles and ready to assist you advance in my yoga practice. Enjoy it particularly that they inject pranayama practices into a few of those courses too! We certainly need more of this! The wide range of courses means we get to enjoy the different yoga practices which best suit our needs. As for me, I found Mien’s Yoga Mala class really enjoyable where I get to try several new practices including inversions and pranayama all in 1 course! Highly suggested!”

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