Best Vitamin C in Singapore

Best Vitamin C Singapore-The Immunity Booster

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and antioxidant required by our body for strengthening and boosting our immunity so that it can act as a natural defence against diseases. It also helps in managing high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart diseases. It has innumerable benefits, but it cannot be produced in our body. And deficiency of Vitamin-C leads to a disease called Scurvy.

It is mainly found in Citrus fruits and vegetables. But it may be possible that we are not able to meet our requirements of Vitamin C that is desired by our body. For this purpose, there are many Vitamin C supplements available in the market. But choosing the best among them can be a hectic task. That’s why we have made an article “Best Vitamin C Singapore” for assisting you in choosing the best and effective supplements of Singapore.

Best Vitamin C Singapore

1.GNC Vitamin C 1000 Timed Release tablets

Vitamin C Amount per Serving1000mg
Ingredients· Vitamin C-1000mg· Citrus Bioflavonoids-25mg· Cellulose
Benefits· Supports immune system/boost immunity· Provide antioxidant Protection· Supports healing

· It also promotes your calcium absorption into bones for strong bones

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GNC is regarded as the nutrition leader all over the world with more than 80 years of experience. Its Vitamin C 1000 timed release tablets are considered the best Vitamin C supplements in the market that releases Vitamin C slowly in the body for absorption over the day. It also contains Citrus bioflavonoids that is highly nutritional and helps the body in absorbing Vitamin C and thus, prevents diseases.

Each tablet contains 1000mg of Vitamin C in Ascorbic acid form that helps in boosting up the immunity and provides protection against many diseases. It also promotes iron and calcium absorption and protects your cell from free radical damage.

This Vitamin C supplement tops our list of Best Vitamin C Singapore.



  • Best-selling Vitamin C supplement.
  • Contains 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving.
  • Timed-release to provide gradual release for maximal absorption


       Customer Reviews

          Being the best Vitamin C supplement in the market, it has many positive reviews such as:

Great product. My family has been taking it for years. Highly recommend it to buy.”

2.Blackmores Bio C 1000mg Vitamin C tablets

Vitamin C Amount per Serving1000mg
Ingredients· Ascorbic acid 400mg· Mineral Ascorbates· Sodium ascorbate 350mg

·Calcium ascorbate 400mg,

· Citrus Bioflavonoids 25mg

Benefits·  Reduce the severity and duration of colds and allergic reactions

· Helps in wound healing

· Keeps your gums healthy

·   Boosts your immunity

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 Founded in 1930, Blackmores is an Australian Health Supplements company whose Bio C 1000mg Vitamin C tablets are very popular. Each tablet contains 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving, along with rosehips and acerola, which are sources of Vitamin C. It also has mineral ascorbates present in it along with ascorbic acid so that it acts gently to the stomach. Citrus Bioflavonoids helps in a better absorption of Vitamin C.

Daily dose of these tablets helps in reducing the severity and duration of common cold and flu and strengthens the defence mechanism of the body.

This supplement ranks second in our article “Best Vitamin C Singapore”.


  • Contains no added preservatives or artificial flavours or sweeteners.
  • Has 1000mg per serving
  • Contains Citrus Bioflavonoids along with rosehips and acerola.


Customer Reviews

 This supplement is very popular among people because of its good results. That’s why one wrote:

Been taking this for over a year, and have no complaints of any kind. Usually the bottle available in retail stores contains 120 tablets – this has 150, which means that it is really great value for money.”

3. Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C-1000 mg

Vitamin C Amount per Serving1000mg
Ingredients·  Citrus Bioflavonoids-15mg

· Rose hips

·  Ascorbic acid

·   Gelatin

Benefits· Supports heart and circulatory health

·  Helps in Collagen formation

· Promotes iron absorption and boosts up immunity

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Puritan’s Pride has been in the industry for more than 45 years and is known for its quality ingredients and products. Its Vitamin C 1000 mg has a lot of potential in it and supports heart and circulatory system by promoting iron absorption. It supports the formation of collagen that helps in maintaining skin’s health.

Regular intake of this tablet will definitely help you in building up a strong immune system and also fulfil your nutritional requirements.

Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C tablets earns third position in our list of Best Vitamin C Singapore.



  • 1000mg per serving
  • Contains Citrus Bioflavonoids extracts
  • No artificial flavour or preservatives added

               Customer Reviews

          Being a good quality vitamin-c supplement, it has earned many positive reviews. One stated:

“My wife and I have been taking this product for several years to help maintain our overall health. Highly recommend.”

4. Now Foods C-1000 tablets

Vitamin C Amount per Serving1000mg
Ingredients·  Rose Hips Powder-25g·         Citrus Bioflavonoids-25mg
Benefits· Helps in maintaining skin, bones and joint health·         Supports amino acid metabolism

· Strengthens immune system

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Now Foods C-1000 supplement is a GMP assured affordable Vitamin C supplement imported from USA. It supplies 1000mg Vitamin C per serving and is soy and gluten free. It also contains citrus bioflavonoids along with rose hips powder for proper absorption of vitamin C by the body.

It also uses the sustained release method so that the body absorbs vitamin C slowly throughout the day. This supplement has proved to give good results in increasing our immunity and in maintaining our skin health.

That’s why this product ranks fourth in our article “Best Vitamin C Singapore”.


  • 1000mg Vitamin C per serving
  • Soy, Gluten and Dairy Free. Halal product.
  • Contains rose hips and citrus bioflavonoids.

                 Customer Reviews

            This affordable Vitamin C tablet has many users and they really love it. That’s why one mentioned:

“Bought for the fifth time. Highly recommended product. Has good results. Great quality.”

5.21st Century Vitamin C-1000 Slow Release (30’S)

Vitamin C Amount per Serving1000mg
Ingredients· Vitamin C-1000mg·         Calcium Carbonate-2%

· Silica

Benefits· Supports healthy collagen synthesis.·         Helps in cartilage and bone development· Maintains resistance to cold and infections.

· Keeps Vitamin C in the body for a longer time.

Where to buy’S)-i.32333759.448121857


21st Century Vitamin C-1000 tablets contains 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving and helps in boosting up the immunity. It maintains the resistance against common flu and infections for a healthy body. Further, it supports cartilage and bone development and helps in collagen synthesis.

Slow vitamins release nutrients into the body over an extended period of time for a prolonged effect.

This vegetarian formula secures fifth position in our list of Best Vitamin C Singapore.



  • 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving
  • No sugar, preservatives or animal products
  • Supports cartilage and bone development.

                 Customer Reviews

             This Vitamin C supplement is very effective and has many positive feedbacks. One wrote:

Definitely a must!!! I absolutely love this vitamin they make me feel good specially because I have a compromised immune system and this vitamin are the only ones that so far as help me from getting any colds.”


Using good Vitamin C supplements is essential for our body in order to develop a strong immunity and resistance against diseases. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary for us to strengthen our immunity. This article “Best Vitamin C Singapore” will definitely help you in choosing the right Vitamin C supplement in Singapore on the basis of their quality and effectiveness.

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