Best Personal Trainers Singapore

Staying healthy and maintaining a wholesome regimen may be somewhat challenging for many men and women. That is why it would be a fantastic assistance to have the best personal trainer in Singapore.

A fitness expert that is solely focused on your goals can allow you to get a consistent schedule, diet foods, and much more.

So, have a look at our listing of the top personal trainers in Singapore that’ll help you reach your body goals very quickly!

1.Ultimate Performance Fitness

BEST FORIndividualised Training
8 Cross Street, #01-01 Manulife Tower, Singapore 048424
+65 6536 8649
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 6am–10pm
Saturday: 8am–5pm
Sunday: 9am–3pm

Ultimate Performance is Regarded as the top company for personal trainers, and They’ve branched out in Singapore to supply people in the Nation, access for their amazing programs

If you are in need of getting maximum results in minimum time, then head out to test their personalised training handled by experienced and qualified coaches.


Multiple places all over the world

Top-notch private training program

Tailored exercises for each individual

Receiving a great 5-star score from over 700 of their customers, Ultimate Performance Fitness has always provided top notch training for residents ot just in Singapore, but in other branches of theirs too from all over the world. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Training with Michelle in UP has been a very positive and pleasurable experience! With the knowledge she’s given me on diet and exercise, I have begun to enjoy going to the gym and also have lost 15kg across the way. She’s also taken the opportunity to answer all my questions, give me recipes for healthful meals, and check up on me particularly on tough days during the lockdown period. These past few months at UP have made a massive difference to my health and my body assurance.

“After hearing my friend raved about how great the group trainings (GT) are, I decided to drop by to experience itself. The GT are conducted in a small group with a maximum trainer to pupils ratio of 8:1. This group size enables the trainers to concentrate, ensure form and bearings are preserved during exercise to engage the ideal muscles, also to avoid any injuries. The gym itself is huge and a great deal of equipment for a variety of trainings. As the fitness center focuses on private trainings (with chosen timings on group trainings), you won’t find an overcrowded gym. The shower and changing rooms are also well maintained. Ever since I have been with UP from end August 2019, I’m much stronger using a toner body. A massive shout out to Mei and Marco for making the weekday courses at 630AM enjoyable, so much so that waking up early for fitness center is no longer a chore. ????”

“I have been working with Ryan from UP for the last 7 weeks and at that time the exercise program he designed for my middle aged, broken down body has allowed me to lose over 11 kgs. More importantly, my comprehension of a wholesome diet and exercise regime has improved ten fold during that time. If you need assistance getting healthier I’d heartily recommend UP based on my experience.”

2. Fitness First

BEST FOR Basic and advanced routines

If you wish to find out more about your entire fitness potential and wish to go beyond your regular exercise routines, you may be interested in the personal training services of Fitness First.

Their trainers concentrate on improving your posture, mobility, core muscles, strength, stamina, and endurance. They undergo the level-by-level approach so that you can easily adapt to new patterns and reach a particular goal in time.

This gym will guarantee you certified fitness trainers, health and health genetic tests, and above all, personalised focused sessions at which all exercises cater to your requirements and benefits.

With their professional fitness experts, excellent amenities, and flexible program, they have become one of those gyms which have the best personal trainers in Singapore.


Online course booking

Corporate memberships

Special promotions

3. SmartFit Pilates

BEST FORTailor-made fitness programs
SERVICESPilates, Functional Training, Rehabilitation, Self Gym
ADDRESS91 Tanglin Road 04-03, Tanglin Place Singapore 247918
CONTACT DETAILSPhone (English) +65 85718549



Phone (Korean) +65 98534014

OPERATING HOURSMonday-Thursday: 9am-5pm 



Friday-Saturday: 9am-2pm 

Sunday: 10am-4pm

In SmartFit Pilates, the highly-qualified teachers aim to assist people to become healthier, fitter and more confident than ever before.

Each Personal Session at SmartFit starts with postural evaluation and debate about what the customer want to achieve from their sessions. This allows the teacher to create a personalised program for every client that’s tailored to their requirements, body and goals.

This boutique studio in Tanglin specialises in rehab, pre/post-natal sessions and sport-specific coaching, and provides a mix of Private Sessions and small group courses. Irrespective of which you select, SmartFit Pilates guarantees you a teacher who’s knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about assisting you to feel fantastic and increase your fitness.


Personal Sports-specific Coaching (e.g. golf, basketball, horseriding, etc.)

Personal Pre/Post Natal Sessions

Small Group Courses

SmartFit Pilates’ best asset depending on their customers are their highly-professional and educated trainers which make workouts fun in addition to effective. Here is what one of them published in a review:

“I’ve started personal training with SmartFit because 2017. I’m grateful to have a personal trainer like Marina. She’s educated, very patient with me. Occasionally, I’m unable to do specific exercises, she’ll help and encourage me to strive harder, The exercise motto”No pain No gain”.

Thank you to the customer support staff that offer very good support for my booking and also clean and comfortable environment to do my workout.”

4. 1-Habit

BEST FOR Beginners
ADDRESSBussorah St, #02-01 51A, Singapore 199467
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9385 0338
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays: 7am–8pm



Saturday: 8:30am–12:30pm

Sunday: 9:00am-11:00pm

For those people who are only beginning to create interests in fitness routines, 1-Habit may have the best personal trainers in Singapore for you! They encourage their customers to learn and master 1 habit or routine at one time.

In regards to personal training, they promise you a successful body transformation within a particular time duration, as quickly as 12 weeks. You would also love to attend their small group courses where all customers will receive fair attention and treatment.


Online training

12-week Asian body modification

12-month training program

5. EzFit

BEST FOR Home-based personal training
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6777 4612

For those people who are trying to find gyms offering extensive choices for private training programs, you need to observe the assistance of EzFit. They’ve a home-based personal training program in which you don’t need to travel long distances.

Their customised routines are created for complete fitness, strength development, fat-loss, maintenance, as well as increased athlete performance. You can also pick your own time, an perfect choice to match this activity into your hectic schedule.

They do post/prenatal exercises, senior fitness, and much more. In case you have kids that you would also like to take some simple fitness exercises, they offer private training for children.


Online personal training

Private training for Children

Sports training and conditioning

The majority of the clients who have had personal training expertise from EzFit complimented the skilled coaches and their successful routines. Hence, they are known to have some of the best personal trainers in Singapore.

“I have coached with Vanan for a year now. He’s an intuitive trainer, and can correctly assess the fitness needs and goals of his customer. His knowledge is profound, and it shows in the way he trains. No session is dull, as he’s excellent in mixing things up, which is excellent for someone like me who gets bored with repetition. His philosophy is one of positive reinforcement and one which sees fitness as a holistic process, not just weight loss.”

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