Best Eye Creams Dark Circles-Singapore: Based on Customer Reviews

Best Eye Creams Dark Circles in Singapore

Dark Circles under the lower eyelids have scourge of the beauty of youngsters and elders making them look older than their age. The main causes of it is sleep deprivation and natural ageing which causes the dark tissues and blood vessels to show up. Sometimes oversleeping and extreme fatigue also contributes to the same condition. As the skin under our eyes is very thin, it’s important to take utmost care of it. For dealing with such situations, good and powerful eye creams are considered as a boon in treating these dark circles. With so many options in the market, finding a powerful eye cream formulated specially for removing dark circles is not an easy job. That’s why we have compiled a list of the Best Eye Creams Dark Circles-Singapore which proves to be a magician in diminishing the look of your dark circles.

No matter what your skin type is, you will find below all the rich and hydrating eye creams which will be up to your expectations in every aspect.

Best Eye Creams Dark Circles-Singapore

  1. SK-II R.N.A Power Eye Cream Radical New Age

      BENEFITSDiminishes Dark CirclesLocks moisture within the skin and improves firmness.Less visible wrinkles.Gives a smoother texture to your skin under the eyes.
        KEY INGREDIENTSRNArchitext Complex: A nourishing complex of PITERA™ with hydrolyzed soy and yeast extracts to improve skin firmness and radiance.Alfalfa Extract: Rich in vitamins and minerals, Alfalfa Extract is combined with White Lupin Seed and used exclusively in SK-II’s eye care products.PITERA™: A bio-ingredient derived from yeast fermentation that resembles your skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors. PITERA™ contains over 50 micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids to condition skin’s natural functions.Chlorella Extract: A skin-conditioning agent extracted from freshwater algae that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness.
WHERE TO BUYSephora Singapore

SK-II R.N.A Power Eye Cream is an award-winning eye cream whose nourishment helps in vanishing dark circles and restoring your skin’s youthful smoothness around the eye. It contains RNArchitext Complex along with Alfalfa and Chlorella extract for improving the radiance and firmness around the eye and reducing the dark circles and fine lines. But its signature ingredient is Pitera which helps in retaining natural functions of skin and soothes skin damage.

Scent of this product is extremely pleasant and the cream is so light that it gets easily absorbed by the skin. Its results are so good and that’s why it has won many awards as well. It is also recommended for all types of skin and that’s why it ranks first in our Best Eye Creams Dark Circles-Singapore article.


  • Best Eye Cream Award from GQ 2017 Grooming Awards.

Best A.M. Eye Treatment Award from Cosmopolitan 2017 Beauty Awards

2018 Glamour Beauty Awards.

  • Restores skin’s youthfulness around the eyes and helps in vanishing dark circles up to a major extent.

Customer Reviews

This eye cream has bagged a large amount of good reviews because of its great results and has so many satisfied customers all around the globe. One of its feedback is:

Highly recommend! This eye cream is the lightest and most brightening cream I’ve ever used!! Makes my under eyes look like I’ve actually slept and removes all dark spots.”

Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery 

BENEFITSRepairs Skin dryness and linesBrightens dark circlesHydrates and moisturises skinPrevents radical damage
KEY INGREDIENTS  Hyaluronic Acid: brightens dark circles in just three weeks and hydrates for 24 hours.ChronoluxCB™: gives assistance in promoting the skin’s natural repair process

Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream by Estée Lauder comes with an advance 10 times concentrated repair technology that rejuvenates the skin under your eyes and brightens the dark circles. It also reduces eye ageing and repairs lines and dryness. The lightweight Gel Cream is non sticky and gets absorbed by the skin very easily leaving the skin soft.

This cream is Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested so you don’t need to worry for any harmful effects of it. It harnesses the power of ChronoluxCB™ and Hyaluronic acid for making your dark circles invisible and provides aid to the repair process of the skin, thus making your eyes refreshed and recharged. Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types which makes it one of the Best Eye Creams Dark Circles-Singapore.


  • Cream’s formula is tested by Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist so no worry for any harmful effects.
  • Ideal for multiple signs of eye aging, visible age prevention, dullness, dryness puffiness, eye lines & dark circles.

Customer Reviews

Customers have found this cream good for treating dark circles and fine lines and for giving youthful touch to your eyes. So, one of their feedback is:

“My sister recommended me to use this eye cream, whenever I use it, I feel that the skin around the eyes are very moisturized, dark circles become invisible and it also protects eyes from wrinkles. So, I will use it for a long time!”

3. Vichy Mineral 89 Eye Contour Repairing Concentrate 

BENEFITSGet rid of dark circles in just 4 weeks.Brightens skin under eyesRepairs fine linesStrengthens skin
KEY INGREDIENTS89% Vichy Volcanic Water: helps in strengthening your skin below lower eyelids.Natural origin Hyaluronic Acid: helps in moisturising and plumping the skin and hydrates for 24 hours.Pure Caffeine: used for depuffing and to act against fatigue marks which provides brighter look.Dermo Chlorella: for brightening skin.

Vichy Mineral 89 Eye Contour Repairing Concentrate Cream helps in vanishing the dark circles at an affordable price. Having pure caffeine and dermo chlorella in it, this cream helps in getting rid of dark circles in just 4 weeks by brightening the under-eye skin.

Its hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula is tested by dermatologist and can be used by both men and women of all skin types. It also has a very light texture which quickly gets absorbed by the skin and thus women can put on makeup over it very easily.


  • Protects the fine skin around the eye, while offering 24-hour hydration
  • Depuffs eye bags and gives the skin a new refreshed look.

Customer Reviews

This cream is renowned all over the world for its results and hence it is best for people in Singapore as well. One of its customers wrote:

“Super hydrating, Vichy has amazing skin loving ingredients. The caffeine instantly makes me look more awake and instantly removes dark circles, the hyaluronic acid fills in any fine lines and instantly makes my under eyes look plump.”

Laneige Perfect Renew Eye Cream

BENEFITSRevitalizes the tired skin around the eyesMakes your skin youthful through Skin Rebirth™ technologyReduces dark circles
KEY INGREDIENTSCeramide Water: Acts as a skin barrier and thoroughly moisturises skin causing hydrating effect.Bio-peptides, vitamin, E and rice bran- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps in diminishing dark circles.Tocopherol- smoothens eye contour.

Renew and rejuvenate you under-eye skin with Laneige Perfect Renew Eye Cream and say goodbye to the dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. It uses its exclusive Skin Birth™ technology for renewal and restoration of skin through flavonoid component extracted from the galangal root.

Moisturising the skin around your eyes with this cream protects the sensitive eye area and provides hydration making it soft and silky. It’s highly recommended for people of Singapore and that’s why it is in our list of Best Eye Creams Dark Circles-Singapore.


  • Provides moisture and nourishment to the dry skin around the eyes.
  • Contains adequate amount of oil and lessens facial tightness.
  • Paraben-free & Sulphate-free

Customer Reviews

People found this cream helpful in getting a youthful look and hence buy it regularly. One of their feedback is:

“Best moisturiser and eye cream I have ever tried. Thank you for working as a magic and removing my dark circles and wrinkles.”

5. Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream

BENEFITSDiminishes dark circlesEnergizes your tired looking eyes.Get rid of eye puffiness and under eye bags.
KEY INGREDIENTSCaffeine: Revitalises tired skin leaving it radiant and refreshed.Panax ginseng: Reduces the appearance of fatigue eye and improves skin resilience. Magnolia extract: diminishes the appearance of dark circles. 

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream helps in brightening the skin under eyes and disappearing of dark circles. Caffeine and Ginseng are star ingredients in this cream that act as an energizer for restoring the radiance of your skin and therefore making it young. Caffeine also increases blood circulation and therefore treats puffiness under the eyes.

This cream is also gluten free which makes it harmless and contains no animal ingredients, except-honey and beeswax. This cream acts like wonders and you don’t need to use any concealer for hiding your dark circles.


  • Formulates without Parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphate and other harmful ingredients.
  • Has SPF 40 and hence prevents skin from radiations.

Customer Reviews

People love and recommend this cream especially because it has good results in reducing dark circles and also because it contains harmless ingredients. One of its users gave a review saying:

“It’s a relatively affordable, powerful eye cream that instantly brightens the area under the eyes. I have been using it with my skincare. A little goes a long way with this. It is very moisturizing and that really helps when I apply my under-eye concealer.”


Due to the hustle & bustle of life, we often prioritize our work first and neglect our sleep. This results in dark circles and eye fatigue, which is a common problem in the society. For treating such problems, we threw light on some of the Best Eye Creams Dark Circles-Singapore for helping our people of Singapore in making right choices.

Our ranking is purely based on customer reviews and price may vary in different E-commerce sites.

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