Best Kitchen Cabinets In Singapore

The cabinets in our kitchen might serve as the room’s centerpiece. In addition to operating a functional purpose, such as storing our supplies, cabinets play a crucial role in the overall aesthetic of our house.

As a result, taking the time to choose the best kitchen cabinet designs for your needs and preferences is critical. This year’s most popular kitchen cabinet designs can be found in the categories below, so take a look no matter what kind of aesthetic you prefer.



Slab cabinets are a great option if you want to stick with a more traditional style. The kitchen cabinet features a flat, white face because of the slab shape. For a tiny kitchen, this basic design works because white offers a sense of space while also enhancing natural light. For example, a well-placed mirror or a bright rug may help bring out the classic style.



It’s hard to believe that this kitchen cabinet is more than a decade old. The color black is a key component in its status as a modern classic. This model has simple, straight lines, but you’ll need to add some warmth to it to make it work. White walls and brighter ornaments, for example, may offer both texture and tenderness to the space. This kitchen cabinet layout is best suited to places with a lot of natural light.



The use of old metal knobs on these kitchen cabinets is a pleasant surprise. Cooking is made easier thanks to the additional illumination installed directly above the counter.

Despite the small size of this kitchen, the color choice and additional lighting mixed with the complex flooring make it appear larger and more welcoming.



The handle-less kitchen cabinet design is one of the newest trends, and it emphasizes functionality while also providing a seamless appearance. In contrast to the warmer black of the kitchen equipment, this gleaming white pattern is a stunning contrast.

Choose recessed handles if you prefer not to use a push-open style. A contrasting hue can produce the same effect or add further interest to your design.



To this lovely kitchen, the use of wood gives richness and elegance. These cabinets are the focal point of the space, combining the sleek, futuristic aesthetic of black cabinets with the natural warmth of wood. If your kitchen has a lot of wood, such as doors or even walls, this is a great alternative.



Bold hues are becoming increasingly fashionable in house design these days. A kitchen may be transformed into art by painting bright red, deep blue, or even pitch black.

Because of this, it is possible to avoid congestion in your kitchen design by picking a striking color for one cabinet and using complementary hues across the area. In addition, the room’s size is crucial since larger kitchens may accommodate more substantial splashes of color than smaller ones.



With that being said, black cabinetry is one of the most fashionable and contemporary options. Thanks to the many possibilities available, the remainder of your kitchen decor may complement your black appliances perfectly.

Adding white accents or lighter hues like beige or tan would help to soften the look of these kitchen cabinets. Black furniture only works if your kitchen has a lot of natural light so that it doesn’t feel dingy and chilly.



A tiny, friendly kitchen will benefit from this homey design. Natural light may be maximized for any home by using creamy kitchen cabinet designs. It’s essential to have enough light in the kitchen so that you can cook.

With light oak kitchen cabinets, you can create an open, bright, and breezy space in your home. This is an excellent option for those who can’t make up their minds on a color scheme for their project.



It’s best to keep things basic while designing to avoid costly errors. Elegant black and cream color schemes are used in this design, and the light-colored floor and walls help keep the space from becoming too dim.

When it comes to the design of kitchen cabinets, flat-fronted ones are more practical and save space than traditional ones. It is possible to tailor this design to suit your needs, for example, by using push-open cabinets instead. Modern kitchen cabinet design is perfect for a high-end aesthetic if you have enough natural light.

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