Best Private Banks in Singapore

Are you looking for a bank to help you manage your wealth correctly? If you want to get the best personal banking services in Singapore, consider private banks.

Opening an account in Singapore with the best private banks is something that can just no one can do. Most financial institutions in Singapore that provide private banking have strict requirements that only the most affluent clients can meet.

However, if you believe that you have the financial resources to open a private banking account, we’re here to help you narrow down your choices! We selected the best personal banks in Singapore to help grow your assets.

Let’s begin.


1. UOB Private Banking

United Overseas Banking is one of the world’s most reputable financial institutions. The bank provides appealing financial services to some of Singapore’s wealthiest individuals.

The investment strategy of United Overseas Banking is defined by three banking principles: asset allocation, diversification, and long-term returns.

If you are serious about investing, its private banking services will satisfy you. A consultation with experienced client advisors regarding your investment portfolios is one of the bank’s primary private banking offerings.

As a result, UOB is one of Singapore’s best private banks for long-term and experienced investors. United Overseas Banking provides numerous benefits. Clients are entitled to discounts and travel perks in addition to the legal privileges of private banking.


2. DBS Private Banking

Another ideal private bank for investors is  DBS Private Banking. As one of Singapore’s most trusted banks, the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) has proven its ability to go the extra mile to keep all of its customers happy.

On the one hand, DBS Private Bank offers an impressive suite of personalized investment products to meet your long-term financial goals. It provides funds, stocks, commodities, fixed income securities, and treasury products.

Other services provided by DBS Private Bank are portfolio management, estate planning, liquidity planning, philanthropy, and even family planning.

In addition, DBS Private Bank also offers a long list of perks and perks. Some of these are limo service, education abroad, hotel room upgrades, access to airport lounges, and worldwide wellness perks.

If you want to open an account with DBS Private Bank, you must have at least S$5 million in assets to invest.


3. OBCB Premier Private Client

OCBC Premier Private Clients are known for hosting the best financial specialists on the island, covering various insurance to mortgages. It is one of the few private banks that offer regular private consultations with a team of leading wealth management professionals.

With the  OCBC Premier Private Client, you can stay one step ahead of your investment with access to the latest market advice and exclusive investment recommendations from your wealth management team.

Another feature we like about the OCBC Premier Private Client comes with a dedicated VOYAGE card that allows our customers to enjoy many lifestyles and travel benefits. It’s one of the best private banks in Singapore.

Concerning eligibility, OCBC Premier Private Clients are one of the lowest requirements for investable assets. Other private banks on the island charge at least S $ 5 million, but OCBC has assets of at least S $ 1 million and requires only accredited investors.


4. HSBC Private Banking

If you are looking for the best private banking in Singapore to secure your family’s future, you should consider HSBC Private Banking. It is a private bank known for working with families and protecting their property for generations worldwide.

HSBC Private Banking is one of Singapore’s leading private banks with a team of experienced financial experts in family management, estate inheritance, inheritance planning, and asset structuring. So you can be sure that your loved one is in good hands.

In addition to these services, HSBC helps other trading and investment opportunities. While it doesn’t offer many advantages over other private banks,  it does offer a variety of attractive lifestyle and travel privileges.

Those interested in opening an account at HSBC Private Banking must have at least $5.444 billion in investment assets.


5. Standard Chartered Priority Private

If you are a frequent traveler, then Standard Chartered Priority Private is the best choice for you. It comes with many travel and lifestyle bonuses to make your trip more convenient.

On the one hand, you enjoy complimentary concierge service at over 400 fine-dining restaurants worldwide. You also want annual limousine service to and from the airports.

Plus, you’ll also have unlimited access to over 1,000 airport lounges in over 130 countries. It is one of the few private banks with so many travel perks, making it one of the best personal banks in Singapore for frequent travelers.

In addition to perks, Standard Chartered Priority Private offers services to help you manage and grow your wealth. Each client has the right to join a senior relationship management team that will help you make investment and trading decisions.

Interested parties must have at least $1.5 million in deposits or assets to qualify for  Standard Chartered Priority Private.

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